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 mafia 2 PC

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PostSubject: mafia 2 PC   Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:59 pm

Mount the image but don't install it yet; that will install through Steam. Use the Phoenix program - google 'phoenix version 14' or however you can find it. There's a link in the description of that youtube tutorial.

Extract Phoenix.exe (it will install it quickly)

Run the program

Click Instruments > SID Unpacker

Under Sim File click the icon with three dots (Browse)

Open Mafia II_disk1.sim from the .iso image in whatever drive you have (it should be the only .sim file, so it's not hard to find it)

And under Destination Folder create a new folder, Mafia 2 in Program Files, wherever you want it, whatever you want to name it

Click Scan a SIM-file

Click Mafia II and English (if you only want English or click Select All)

Now Unpack and wait (took me less than an hour)

Get yourself a crack, I got it from Mafia 2 Crack fix ZHONGGUO

Copy mafia2 and steam_api.dll and Paste it into the 'pc' folder of the Mafia 2 folder (wherever you installed it - I have C:\Program Files\Mafia 2\pc)

Create a shortcut of the mafia2 from the 'pc' folder on the desktop, wherever you want to

Run the game
Have fun!

torrent download
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mafia 2 PC
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